Watch Dexter creepily smile again in the first teaser trailer for his new Showtime series

Years ago, my Verge colleagues convinced me that Dexter got so bad, it’d be a waste of my time to see my favorite TV serial killer reach the end of his story — so when I tell you that Dexter’s coming back this fall, picking up right where the show left off, I have absolutely no clue what that actually means.

But if you did emotionally invest yourself enough to see the series through, you have my pity, my respect, and a brand-new teaser trailer to watch, above, as proof of life — an assurance that the series’ widely panned ending isn’t actually the end.

The new Dexter will be a 10-episode limited series on Showtime this fall, starring Michael C. Hall, set 10 years after the original show, created by the original showrunner and featuring one of the original directors as well.

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